Templates | Instagram Highlights Covers #Icons

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In addition to the last post, with some Instagram Highlights Covers, here is the second series: the Icon Edition, to inspire you to do some makeover on your Instagram and make those stories highlights look great!

In those templates, you still have the title, with the category it belongs to, but on the space to fit in the cover, you have only an icon! 

Right now you have the “About”, “Blog”, “Party”, “Fitness”, “Food”, “Fashion”/”Outfits”, “Makeup”/”Beauty” and “Travels”. I think I’m covering most of the usual categories used on Instagram stories. However, mainly for travelgrams, it’s usually to see a highlight for each country/city (but it’s kinda hard to make them, without knowing who is using them, right?).

About the design, it keeps the pastel colors and the typography, I’m hoping you enjoy it!

I’d love to know if you like those or if you need more, according to your Instagram profile! I’m completely open to requests and it would be an honour to adjust those templates, making them correspond to your needs!

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